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Root Cname in WHM Explained: What You Need to Know [Closed]

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Root Cname in WHM Explained: What You Need to Know [Closed]

It sounds like you need information about setting up a root CNAME record using WHM (Web Host Manager). Let’s break this down:

Understanding CNAME and Root Domain

CNAME (Canonical Name) Record: A type of DNS record that maps an alias name to a true or canonical domain name. For example, could be an alias for

Root Domain (Apex Domain): The highest level of a domain, such as, as opposed to subdomains like or

Why Root CNAME Records are Special

Typically, a CNAME record should not be used at the root domain level because DNS specifications do not permit a root domain (also known as the zone apex) to have a CNAME. This is because the root domain often needs to have multiple types of records (like SOA, NS, etc.) that can’t coexist with a CNAME.

Alternative Approaches

Since CNAMEs are generally not allowed at the root level, there are a couple of alternative approaches:

  1. Use A or AAAA Records: Point your root domain directly to the IP address of your server.
  2. Use ALIAS or ANAME Records: Some DNS providers offer proprietary record types that function like CNAMEs but are designed for the root domain.

Setting Up DNS Records in WHM

WHM (Web Host Manager) allows you to manage DNS settings for the domains hosted on your server. Here’s how you can typically manage DNS records in WHM:

  1. Log in to WHM: Go to your WHM login URL and sign in with your credentials.
  2. Navigate to DNS Functions:
  • In the WHM dashboard, find the “DNS Functions” section.
  • Click on “Edit DNS Zone”.

3. Select the Domain:

    • Choose the domain you want to manage from the list.
    • Click “Edit”.

    4. Add or Modify Records:

      • You will see a list of existing DNS records.
      • For root domains, you’ll usually see A or AAAA records. These are the records you would edit to point the root domain to a new IP address.
      • If your DNS provider supports ALIAS or ANAME records, you might see options to add these types of records.

      5. Save Changes: After adding or editing records, save the changes and wait for DNS propagation, which can take anywhere from a few minutes to 48 hours.

        Example: Adding an A Record for the Root Domain

        To set the root domain ( to point to an IP address, you would:

        1. In the WHM DNS zone editor for, find the section where you can add a new record.
        2. Leave the “Name” field blank or use @ to denote the root domain.
        3. Select A for the record type.
        4. Enter the IP address of your server in the “Address” field.
        5. Save the record.


        • Root CNAME: Typically not allowed due to DNS limitations.
        • Alternatives: Use A, AAAA, or proprietary ALIAS/ANAME records for root domains.
        • WHM: Use the DNS zone editor in WHM to add or modify records for your domain.

        If you have any specific details or follow-up questions, feel free to ask!


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