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How to Change Server Timezone in cPanel/WHM [Closed]

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How to Change Server Timezone in cPanel/WHM [Closed]

Changing the timezone of a server using cPanel/WHM involves adjusting settings either through the WHM interface or via command line access. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you through the process.

Method 1: Changing Timezone via WHM

  1. Log in to WHM:
  • Open your browser and go to the WHM login URL (usually https://your-server-ip:2087).
  • Enter your WHM root username and password.

2. Navigate to Server Configuration:

    • Once logged in, find the “Server Configuration” section in the left sidebar.
    • Click on “Server Time”.

    3. Set the Timezone:

      • You will see the current time and timezone settings.
      • From the “Configure Timezone” drop-down menu, select the desired timezone.
      • Click the “Change TimeZone” button to apply the new timezone.

      4. Confirm the Changes:

        • The system will update the timezone and reflect the new settings in the interface.
        • Check the updated server time and timezone to ensure they are correct.

        Method 2: Changing Timezone via Command Line

        If you have root access to the server, you can change the timezone directly from the command line. This method is often used for more direct control or when WHM is not accessible.

        1. Access the Server via SSH:
        • Use an SSH client (like PuTTY on Windows or Terminal on macOS/Linux) to connect to your server.
        • Log in with your root user credentials.

        2. List Available Timezones:

          • Run the following command to list available timezones:
            timedatectl list-timezones
          • Browse through the list to find your desired timezone (e.g., America/New_York).

          3. Set the New Timezone:

            • Use the timedatectl command to set the new timezone. For example:
              timedatectl set-timezone America/New_York
            • Replace America/New_York with the timezone you want to set.

            4. Verify the Change:

              • Check the current date and time to confirm the timezone change:
                bash date
              • The displayed time should reflect the new timezone settings.

              Notes and Considerations

              • System Restart: Changing the timezone usually does not require a server restart. However, some applications might need to be restarted to recognize the new timezone settings.
              • Effect on Scheduled Tasks: Changing the timezone can affect cron jobs and other scheduled tasks. Review and adjust any schedules if necessary.
              • cPanel Account Timezone: Individual cPanel accounts on the server may have timezone settings that can be adjusted through their respective cPanel interfaces. However, these changes are independent of the server’s system timezone.


              • WHM Interface: Quick and user-friendly method for changing the server timezone via the “Server Time” settings.
              • Command Line: Provides more control and is useful for servers without WHM access.

              If you encounter any issues or need further assistance, feel free to ask for more detailed guidance!


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