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Troubleshooting WHM cPanel Installation – Sync Issue Fix

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Troubleshooting WHM cPanel Installation – Sync Issue Fix

If the WHM cPanel installation process was unable to synchronize cPanel & WHM, it could be due to various reasons. Here’s a general troubleshooting guide to address this issue:

1. Check Network Connectivity

  • Ensure that your server has proper internet connectivity.
  • Check if there are any firewall rules blocking outgoing connections from your server.
  • Verify that DNS resolution is working correctly on your server.

2. Verify cPanel & WHM License

  • Ensure that your cPanel & WHM license is active and valid.
  • Check if your license IP is properly registered with cPanel’s licensing server.
  • If you recently renewed your license, make sure the renewal process completed successfully.

3. Restart cPanel & WHM Services

  • Restart the cPanel & WHM services to see if it resolves the synchronization issue.
  • You can restart services using WHM’s Service Manager or via command line interface (CLI).

4. Check for Updates

  • Make sure that your cPanel & WHM installation is up to date.
  • Check for any pending updates and apply them if available.

5. Review cPanel & WHM Configuration

  • Double-check your cPanel & WHM configuration settings to ensure everything is properly configured.
  • Verify that the correct IP addresses and hostname are set in your cPanel & WHM configuration files.

6. Review Logs

  • Check the cPanel & WHM logs for any errors or warning messages that might provide clues about the synchronization issue.
  • Look for logs in /usr/local/cpanel/logs directory.

7. Contact cPanel Support

  • If the issue persists, consider reaching out to cPanel’s support team for further assistance.
  • Provide them with relevant details about your server configuration and the steps you’ve taken to troubleshoot the issue.


Troubleshooting synchronization issues between cPanel & WHM during installation can be complex and may require investigating multiple factors. By following the steps outlined above and systematically checking different aspects of your setup, you can often identify and resolve the problem. If you’re unable to resolve the issue on your own, don’t hesitate to seek assistance from cPanel’s support team or your hosting provider for further help.


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