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Troubleshooting QueryException in PHP 8.1.27 and MySQL 10.48.3: “Could Not Find Driver”

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Troubleshooting QueryException in PHP 8.1.27 and MySQL 10.48.3: “Could Not Find Driver”

The error “QueryException in PHP 8.1.27 and MySQL 10.48.3: Could not find driver” typically occurs when PHP cannot find the necessary MySQL driver to connect to the MySQL database. Here are some steps to troubleshoot and resolve this issue:

  1. Check PHP Version: Ensure that the PHP version you are using is compatible with the MySQL driver you intend to use. Make sure you have PHP 8.1.27 or later installed.
  2. Install MySQL Driver for PHP: Confirm that the MySQL driver for PHP is installed. In PHP, there are two commonly used MySQL extensions: mysqli and pdo_mysql. Depending on your PHP setup, you may need to install one of these extensions.
  3. Verify Installed PHP Extensions: Check which PHP extensions are installed and enabled. You can do this by creating a PHP script with the following contents and running it in your web server:

Look for sections named “mysqli” and “pdo_mysql” in the PHP info output. If you don’t see them, it means the corresponding MySQL driver is not installed or enabled.

  1. Install MySQL Driver Extension: Use the appropriate package manager for your system to install the missing MySQL driver extension. For example, if you’re using Ubuntu, you can install the php-mysql package for mysqli extension or php-mysql package for pdo_mysql extension.


  1. Enable MySQL Driver: After installing the MySQL driver extension, make sure it is enabled in your PHP configuration (php.ini). Look for lines like or and ensure they are not commented out (no semicolon ; at the beginning of the line).
  2. Restart Web Server: Restart your web server to apply the changes to the PHP configuration.


  1. Test Connection: Create a simple PHP script to test the MySQL connection. For example:

Replace 'localhost', 'username', 'password', and 'database' with your actual MySQL server details.

  1. Check for Errors: If the connection still fails, check for any error messages in your web server’s error log (error_log) or PHP error log (php_error.log). These logs can provide more information about why the MySQL driver is not being loaded.

By following these steps, you should be able to troubleshoot and resolve the “Could not find driver” error in PHP when connecting to a MySQL database.


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