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How to Enable SHMOP in WHM: Easy Step-by-Step Guide

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How to Enable SHMOP in WHM: Easy Step-by-Step Guide

To enable the shmop (Shared Memory Operations) PHP extension in WHM (Web Host Manager), follow these steps:

1. Log in to WHM

  • Access WHM by navigating to and logging in with your administrator credentials.

2. Open EasyApache 4

  • In the WHM dashboard, search for EasyApache 4 in the top left search bar and click on it.

3. Customize Your Profile

  • Click on Customize next to the currently active profile.

4. Select PHP Extensions

  • In the left sidebar, click on PHP Extensions.

5. Search for shmop

  • Use the search bar on the PHP Extensions page to search for shmop.

6. Enable the shmop Extension

  • Locate the shmop extension in the search results and check the box next to it to enable it.

7. Review and Provision

  • After enabling the shmop extension, click on Review in the left sidebar.
  • Review the changes to ensure that the shmop extension is selected for installation.
  • Click on Provision to apply the changes. This will start the build process, which may take a few minutes.

8. Verify the Installation

  • Once the provisioning process is complete, you should verify that the shmop extension is enabled.
  • You can create a PHP file (e.g., info.php) in your web directory with the following content to check the PHP configuration:
  • Access this file via your browser (e.g., and look for the shmop section to confirm that it is enabled.


Enabling the shmop PHP extension in WHM is a straightforward process using EasyApache 4. By following the steps above, you can ensure that the shmop extension is properly installed and enabled on your server, allowing your PHP applications to utilize shared memory operations.


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